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Exeter Sculling Regatta 2015

Scullers report: Exeter Regatta 11th July 2015

I thought you might like a quick report of our four races at Exeter on Saturday 11th July 2015. 
There was a fairly strong cross head wind, but the water was calm (especially so for Teign estuary rowers), not much sun but weather very good for racing.
We stared with a rare win for Teign Scullers in the Men’s Masters Quad of Mike, BrianC, BrianM, BrianS coxed by Mark. OK we were given a nice handicap start, courtesy of the extra seconds BrianC’s impressive age gave us. The opposition from Castledore looked young and fit and did make up a fair bit of water on us in the middle part of the course but I am proud to say that our sculling technique and rhythm held together very well and we held them off by some 3Ž4 length.
Next was the Masters sweep four of Mark, BrianC, Gordon, BrianM coxed by a nice man from Exeter RC, thank you Carole for arranging it. We had just a 4 second start on a crew who had travelled all the way from Guildford, had a good start and were looking as if we would prevail, however, they took us in the last two strokes to win by 1 foot. Given that this crew had been together once or was it twice and my (our?) lungs were fit to burst it was a good result.
Gordon and Mark were well beaten in the Masters double scull by two hardened professionals from Dart Totnes, we would have needed much more than the 4 second start to touch them.
Finally, we were disappointed that there were no other competitors for the MastersG single scull; Gordon had a difficult start, probably due to not being able to get out sculling for months after his boat was damaged on the CC rack,  so Mark held on to the lead. 
So, at least we came back with two wins and we look forward to competing at Totnes again in the Masters events (only 500m thank goodness) on 25th July.
If anyone would like to join us and make up more crews you would be very welcome indeed. We also intend to enter at least one mixed crew.
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