Seine Boat Race Dates 2016

Race No.

Race Date

Pre Season Fun Race 23rd April
Race 1 7th May
Race 2  21st May
Race 3 4th June
Race 4 18th June
Race 5 2nd July
Race 6 Sunday 17th July
Race 7 30th July (Teignmouth Regatta)
Race 8 Sunday 7th August
Open Fun Race CANCELLED FOR COLOUR ROW 13th August
Colour Row For Rowcroft Hospice Sunday 14th August
Race 9 Sunday 28th August ( Shaldon Regatta)
Open Fun Race 10th September (Will be a Series race if we have insufficient races to date)
Race 10 17th September

*Best eight results will confirm final ranking in the Series.
*Subject to Series rules and conditions as determined by the Seine Boat Committee.


Rowing and sculling are outdoor activities, so it is important to recognise that contending with difficult weather conditions, other water users and using different waterways is all part of the sport.  Rowing has an excellent safety record, but it can be easy to become complacent.

'Row Safe: A Guide to Good Practice in Rowing' provides clubs and individuals with guidance on a wide range of safety topics, education and training.  It acts as a basis on which clubs can responsibly develop safe practice, tailoring them to their specific rowing programme and local waterway.

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